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Refrigerator / Freezer

Refrigerator / Freezer


This refrigerator is specifically designed for bakeries and gelaterias,
and is built to maximize the utilization of storage space.
Interior wall joints are all radiused to facilitate hygienic cleaning.
The Clipper will operate at two temperatures (Model VPTNV/UL from
-35°C to +8°C and up to +43°C, with a capacity of 531 liters.
This model is fitted with an electronic thermostats and digital display. Model VPTNV/UL can operate at two internal humidity levels. This Model is
fitted with a timer, permitting the continuous operation
of the compressor for the time programmed.

Specifications and Features

  • Ventilated/static refrigeration

  • AISI 304 stainless construction

  • 2.5" of insulation, CFC free

  • Digital control panel & 12 volt switches

  • Self-closing door with replaceable thermal wire gasket

  • AISI 304 stainless double pitch (50mm & 35mm)
    extractable storage racks


  • ETL Sanitation to (NSF-7)

  • ETL to (UL Std. 471)

Width x Depth x Height in inches Working Temps. °C Supply V/Phase/Hz Electrical Input - Std. W Weight - Lbs.
26.1 x 36.4 x 80.7 -35°C/+8°C & +43°C 230/1/60 780 330.7