Medea: Simple Line and High Technology

Medea is the ideal solution for preservation and displaying of ice cream, thanks to its reliability, easy handling, low consumption; such features so appreciated by shopkeepers. The display dimensions permit to place containers in double row, in order to offer convenient storage.



Container Arrangement

medea conts

medea displays 01medeadisplays 02medeadisplays 03

Visibility: {from left to right}
yelflash Upper Structure with tempered glass
yelflash Rear plexiglass pivoting panel yelflash Display unit with double row of containers


medeaccess 01medeaccess 02medeaccess 03

From left to right:

redflash Cone holder set
redflash Scoop washer with s/s container and plastic container
redflash Stainless steel tubs: yelflash 14.7" X 6.5" X 4.7" Or yelflash 10.2" X6.2" X 6.7"